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Turn stress into strategies: How to kill it at your interview

Rate this article and enter to winSo you have an interview for a dream internship—score! Now what?Interviewing for a job or internship doesn’t have to be intimidating, even though there may be reasons it...
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Suffering from a setback? How to take advantage of failure

Rate this article and enter to winFailure and setbacks are painful, whether you flunked a paper or course, didn’t exactly excel at an internship, or missed some other goal. You’ve probably been there. In...
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Impress your interviewer: Tips for tackling tough questions

Rate this article and enter to winConvincing a stranger of your qualifications, dedication, and creativity can be intimidating, even if you have experience doing so. To help, here’s some advice on how to give...
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Get the scoop before your interview: 3 ways to stand out to potential employers

Rate this article and enter to winThe difference between getting a job and still searching can come down to doing some background research.Know Thy Potential EmployerAmber Kreger, the assistant director of career services at...
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5 tips for conquering tough interviews

Rate this article and enter to winHow do you present yourself when interviewing? This is a very important question, one to ask yourself way before you’re actually face to face with a potential employer....
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Present yourself on paper: Effective résumés and cover letters

Rate this article and enter to winIn this increasingly competitive job market, your first chance to make an impression is often the only one you’ll get. Most employers spend no more than 10 seconds...